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Our available VR titles

Our available VR titles

I’ve decided to finally do a write-up of the current social virtual reality applications we have available for research. We’re constantly looking for new social spaces, so feel free to message us with suggestions. The core requirements are: There must be a multiplayer (preferably cooperative) element to the VR interaction There must be a reasonably […]

On the Multimodal Accomplishment of an A...

On the Multimodal Accomplishment of an Ambiguous Multi-step Action in Virtual Reality.

Foreword The following post is intended to be the first of many methodological/experiential ruminations about researching specific VR-related phenomena. Most of the terminology employed will be adapted from key microsociological works in related areas. For a primer, see Suchman (1987) and Goodwin (2017), along with Sacks (1995). All of the posts are meant to be […]